Scottish Rite Children’s Speech Language Disorders Clinic

Scottish Rite Children’s Speech Language Disorders Clinic

COMMUNICATION IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR LIVES – and The League is here to help! The clinic was established in 1997 by the Cumberland Scottish Rite in association with what was The League for Crippled Children. The clinic offers diagnostic and individual treatment services to children who demonstrate speech/language disorders.  All services are free to patient and family.

The first clinic opened and is still operating in Cumberland Maryland at the Allegany County Health Department Building. Due to the need of speech therapy services for children we added additional locations in Oakland, MD,  Keyser, WV and Petersburg, WV.  Please use the following link to better inform you of the quality of services that we provide.


New Speech Clinic has opened at Grant Memorial Hospital, Petersburg, WV

Contact us today for speech services at any one of our clinics, 301-759-5200


Cumberland Office

Mineral County Speech Clinic at the Mineral County Health Department

Oakland Maryland Speech Clinic at Garrett Family Medicine.  Address is 69 Wolf Acres Drive.  

Speech Clinic at Grant Memorial Hospital in Petersburg, WV


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