How Can I Help?...

  • Tax deductable donations are accepted in the form of: cash, cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers, and SUV's

  • Donations of your free time are VERY appreciated! Volunteers are always needed for clinics and special events.

  • Planned Giving Program: Call Larry Boggs for more information 301-724-2660.

  • Memorials for deceased friends and relatives.

  • Bequests - mention the League in your will. 

            We have the ability to accept your donation or payment by credit card, just give us a call!

       No third party, catchy jingle or clever phrase to let you know that you can donate your automobile, boat
       or airplane to The Children's League.

              Simply call The League (301-759-5200) so we can make arrangements to receive your donation!

12501 Willowbrook Road • Willowbrook Office Complex
PO Box 267 • Cumberland, MD • 21501-0267
P 301.759.5200 • F 301.759.2677 •
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30